In response to COVID-19:

 We are offering a limited service menu. 

This limited service menu is designed to allow us to give the best service possible while adhering to strict safety protocols. We are working diligently to make sure that our salon is thoroughly cleaned, each station and chair are disinfected between every guest, and our tools are disinfected properly. We truly appreciate your patience as we navigate this strange new world together. 

Our Safety Plan for COVID-19:

We're working really hard to make sure that the salon is as safe and clean as possible for every guests that sits in our chair. We've developed some safety measures in response to COVID-19 and we want to be up-front and strict about these procedures to keep everyone safe. We are also fully aware that these procedures will remain fluid as more information becomes available.
If you are not comfortable coming into the salon at this time, it’s okay. We miss you and we understand. If you are among the at-risk population or are caring for someone who is at-risk, we ask that you stay home to protect yourself and your loved ones.
If you are not feeling well, are exhibiting symptoms, or have a cough for any reason, you have an obligation to cancel your appointment and stay home to reduce the spread of infection. Not just due to the current circumstances, but at ALL TIMES. We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason if we are uncomfortable. Thank you for protecting your stylist, the salon staff, and every one of our amazing guests. 
Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. When you arrive, call the salon at (941) 346-6222 and wait in your car while our stations, chairs, and tools are cleaned, and/or disinfected between each guest.
Please wear a face covering when you enter. The best masks for hair appointments are ones that go over your ears (not across the back of your head). If you are having your hair colored, disposable masks are best in the likely event that hair color touches your mask. 
Please limit the belongings you bring in to the salon to minimize environmental cross-contamination. Leave hats, jackets, bags, and other bulky/porous items at home or in your car. 
No food will be permitted. Water bottles must close and seal. 
No one may accompany you to your appointment. They will be asked to wait outside. The only exceptions are for minors receiving services who are accompanied by an adult or those guests requiring aid due to disability. 
We will be cleaning contact surfaces between every appointment. We will be deep cleaning every day. We have hand washing procedures, hand sanitizers, touchless soap dispensers, and fresh air filters. We tried to think of everything to keep you safe.
We love handshakes and hugs. We love when our amazing clients stop by just to say hi or grab a new product to try. That can’t happen right now. If you need hair care product and don’t have an appointment, call us to schedule a time and arrange payment for a contactless pickup. And know when we see you, we will be minimize our contact but we love you, we are grateful for you, and we are hugging you with our heart.

3562 S Osprey Ave, Suite B  |  Sarasota, FL 34239

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