Our Mission

We are a collective of hair stylists that seek to elevate our craft.

We are not a hair factory. We collaborate with each guest to create a unique style.


We work to create a space where the guest experience is paramount.

Where every person feels free to be expressive and accepted.


We listen. We believe in the power of the consultation.

We could not begin to make our guests feel beautiful if we did not ask what makes our guests feel beautiful.


We believe in the power of education. We pass that power on to our guests, so they can learn how to love their hair.

We use the highest quality products. We will not sacrifice the integrity of hair for any results. 

Please be sure to read our Salon Policies prior to your visit.

Meet The Stylists

Jen Wohlforth of Red Feather Salon

Level 3 Stylist, Salon Director

Jen Wohlforth

  • Red Feather Salon
  • Red Feather Salon

Jen is in love with color. She believes that, "Your hair can be such an expressive statement about who you are and the way you want to present yourself to the world. I love to work with each client to create a palette of dimensional color so every creation is different, every person sparkles in their own way."

As an elite American Board Certified Haircolorist and an experienced national educator, Jen relies on a strong foundation of science and art theory in her work. She makes that information easy to understand for her guests as she explains how hair works, how to keep hair healthy, maintain color, and style hair into your heart's desire. 

Jen specializes in dimensional color, both natural and vivid color. She loves geometric hair cutting to customize a style that works well with the texture each individual's hair. She has extensive experience with challenging color corrections.


Jen is a natural educator. She loves to educate her guests, teaching them to love their hair and making hair care simple. She often works with an Associate Stylist, teaching them all about cutting, color theory, and technique. When you sit in Jen's chair, you're definitely going to learn a tip or twelve.


Level 2 Stylist

Mary Hostetler

  • Mary Hostetler at Red Feather Salon
  • Mary Hostetler at Red Feather Salon

Mary has been a stylist since 2009 and is a member of the prestigious group of American Board Certified Haircolorists. She loves dimensional color and blonding, and she has the powerful education to take on tough color corrections and restorative work on the most delicate hair. She loves long waves with gentle layers. She can rock a razor cut or a fantastic pixie. Her passion for her craft is contagious. 


"My goal is to understand your hair so we can create something that really works for you and makes you feel amazing," Mary explains. "I love people, I love life, and I believe hair is the accessory you never remove so I’m here to help you wear it well." She loves the science behind hair and will teach you something new every time you sit in her chair. 

Mary is a self-described nerd who reads a ton. She's into healthy eating, nutrition, and fermented foods. When hair is not her canvas, she unleashes her artistic energy using acrylic and resin as her mediums. 

Emily Conner 2020 headshot.jpg

Level 1 Stylist

Emily Conner

  • Emily Conner at Red Feather Salon
  • Emily Conner at Red Feather Salon

Emily is a born-and-raised Florida local and she loves living so close to the coast. She was inspired from a young age by her grandmother, who was a hairstylist. From helping her friends get ready for a school dance to braiding everyone’s hair before a dance performance, Emily has always found joy in making others feel beautiful.

Emily believes, “Your hair is a powerful accessory to show your style to the world. Whether you prefer a classic look or you crave something bolder, I can help you make your hair the best accessory ever.” Emily loves color, from new fashion color trends to natural looking highlights and balayage. Her passion and education overflow as she teaches you tips and tricks to make sure you not only look great when you leave the salon but can feel fabulous every day!

When Emily is not in the salon, you can find her at the beach enjoying a fantastic sunset. She loves to thrift with friends, always on the lookout for a great pair of shoes or clothing to use as a canvas for her custom paintings and designs.

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